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Elders are elected by the congregation to govern the church.  Active Elders make up the Session, along with the minister as its Moderator.  The word "Presbyterian" actually means "ruled by Elders".  The active Elders on the Session chair or co-chair the six standing committees of the church.


At First Presbyterian Church, we follow a biblical model for the office of Deacon.  Deacons are elected by the congregation to give care for its members and the community.  Deacons see to our Shepherding Groups and assist the minister with visiting and pastoral care.


Our church family is comprised of four Shepherding Groups.  Each Group contains at least two active Deacons and three active Elders.  Because of this, Shepherding Groups change from time to time.  The Shepherding Groups rotate months to provide hospitality for the congregation.  Shepherding Groups have assigned months to assist the Deacons as Greeters, Ushers, preparation of Sunday morning snacks and preparations involved in Family Night Suppers.  Shepherding Groups also provide a small group within the church family to assist in times of pastoral care such as illness or bereavement. 

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