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ministries & education

Purpose: We are a group of people being changed by God into a loving, accepting, and obedient part of His family dedicating ourselves to growing spiritually through worship and study, to serving openly through work and sacrifice, and always striving together to realize God's will for our lives. (Adopted by the Session, March 1979)

Sunday School

Christian education is an important component to our continued growth as disciples. One primary way for us to learn is through our Sunday school program. 


We have Sunday School classes available for all age groups, including four adult classes. Sunday School begins at 9:45 am each Sunday morning.



Men of the Church


All men of the church are invited to gather on one Saturday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall for Men's Prayer Breakfast. Enjoy a home-cooked breakfast and share a time of fellowship and prayer.

The date is determined each month and are planned around the Pastor's reserve duties.


Weekly Bible Study &                  Prayer Group

The weekly Bible Study and Prayer Group meet on Wednesday at 12:30 pm.  Join us as the minister leads a discussion centered on the Scripture reading for the coming Sunday's worship service. And spend time together as we pray for those in needs.













Presbyterian Women


Presbyterian Women (PW) is a churchwide organization whose membership is open to all women of the PC(USA) who choose to participate in or be supportive of the organization in any way. We meet monthly for Bible study. Meetings are announced as they are scheduled.


First Presbyterian Child Development Program (PCDP) has been in operation for 34 + years.  It started as an outreach mission of the church to the community. Classes are offered for children ages two to four years old Monday through Friday during the months of September to May. Hands-on activities as well as one-on-one learning in class are part of the daily plan.  Visit PCDP's website here.


Youth Group

The youth program at First Presbyterian is centered around Bible study, service within the church, outreach, and fun.




Camps & Conferences


Camp Hopewell is our Presbytery's camp and conference center located just outside Oxford, Mississippi. The camp hosts many summer programs for youth ages 6-15 including specialty camps for children with diabetes and Christians living with cancer.


Montreat is one of our denomination's national conference centers, Montreat is located just outside Asheville, North Carolina. In the summer months, Montreat hosts three conferences that our church participates in including Senior High, Junior High and Music & Worship. 


Fellowship Supper


The church family gathers together for a fellowship dinner once a month. Dates and times for the event are announced as they are scheduled.

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